Local Art Classes with repurposed Flowers, Abalone shells, Barn Wood and Glass.

November 27th, 2021 by

You can call or contact me for your private art classes.  One to 10 or more. I have giving the class to a Ladies Bicycle Club, birthday events and many more groups. Next month in December I will have a class with seven pharmacists. Call or email me for more info and to schedule a class. Once we pour the resin, it needs to cure over night and ready to finish the following day, or when it is handy. The art is cured enough to pick up the next day.

I am repurposing almost all my art media supplies. I have collected and dried wild flowers that are ready for you to make and arrange your art. The flower art is placed on barn wood or repurposed picture frame glass. I actually go to the local thrift stores and Deseret Industries thrift stores in the SLC Valley. I but the frames by the shopping chart full. I have abalone pieces and lots of colors of sea glass that can be used with the flower art.

Once I bring the frames back to my studio work shop in Park City on Old Ranch I take the glass and frames apart, keeping the nicer frames that are worth repurposing. I recycle the unused frames and make barn wood frames for the rest of the glass. I clean the glass and make the frames around the size of the glass and silicone the glass into the dado notch in the frame. Once the silicone cures in a few days, I clean the frames again to remove the excess silicone and viola, it is ready for your art arrangement. I have made up boxes of blank framed glass for your selection.

I also have several boxes of wild life art blanks for the abalone art. Turtles, butterflies and humming birds are popular. I have elk, moose and fish as well. Theses are started from repurposed wood. I took an old desk apart and cut it into 8 inch by 24 inch pieces and 10 by 26 inch pieces. I recycled the rest of the desk wood and am making 11 larger  fish pieces with a old used free, repurposed desk. I also buy slabs of redwood, walnut, willow woods and for art as well.

I usually charge $35.00 for the standard sized art. Your welcome to make larger pieces and I charge according to the resins and size of the art.

A fun thing to note is polishing my red abalone shells. I actually collected over 2,000 pounds during a 90 day travel nurse assignment, while in northern California. I used to break up the broken shells with a wet towel, due to the toxicity of the dust. So working with the shells I use water and flush the silt into the sink drain. Once I had so many shells I bought some Tupperware and crushed about 300 pounds in the rain. In the rain, I rented a 3,000 pound steam roller and crushed up the shells and the rain washed the silt right back into the river near the ocean. There is a video on this web site that I made.

You can call me, email me or contact me on this web site. Calling and texting a the fastest ways to contact me. I am in Park City, Utah, so if your coming to ski, board, hike or bike let me know if your interested. I have even done wine and art classes too (BYOB).

Len (858) 208-6505           lstarbeck@gmail.com          Mountain View Art .com

14 in by 14 in, approx.

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